Welcome to the What If I Had an Apartment Site. This site will go into some assumptions, but they sound realistic (as can be considering). This will be a new construction with a 31 story residential tower. The building will have a number of features that are typically only found in luxury units, but a commitment to offer affordable Section-8 housing with the lower floors.

The building will consists of 3 basement levels which will host apartment resources, and underground automated parking. The first floor will be entry, mailboxes, and a business center. The business center will offer the ability to make copies, perform faxes, printing, and scans to a thumb drive. One could also buy stationary, and order custom items like business cards, and envelopes. There will also be an ATM within the AllPoint Network of ATMs. Floor 2 will be storage lockers for the apartments. This won’t be a lot of space, but enough to store some seasonal items. The Section-8 units will have storage similar to a locker, while the standard units will have a double locker unit. This floor will have no windows, and will have climate control in case that is needed for the particular items in storage. The third floor will be the rental office. By having the rental office on the third floor, the office can grow with the demand, and therefore individual offices for higher level employees. 

Floors 4-17 (14 floors) will be Housing Choice Voucher (aka: Section-8) units. Each floor will have a Studio (A), 1 BR (B), and 2 different types of 2BR apartments (C and D). Foors 18-29 (12 floors) will have two to three 2BR apartments. On even floors, there will be a 2 story apartment (E), and 2 different 1 story apartments (F-G). On floor 30, there will be two 2BR apartments (F-G), and reception for the Penthouse. The 31st floor will be the main Penthouse floor which is the actual residence

Each unit will include Electricity, Heat, Internet, Trash, Water/Sewage, and a SIP address for SIP telephony communications. The tenant is responsible for Cable TV (optional), Telephone (optional), and additional parking spaces ($100/month). 

If you should have any questions about this site, or my thought process, feel free to contact me directly so I could answer your questions.